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Numis Network | Official Review

First off, my goal on this site is to give you the most in-depth, detailed, honest and objective review of Numis Network that can be found anywhere.

Personally I can’t stand it when I go to so called “Review” sites…and right off the bat, they are nothing more than a “Sales” site.  I believe when people come to a Review site, they should get what they deserve; facts, figures, detailed information and an honest opinion.  That is what I intend to do hear and I truly hope that you will find it refreshing and a true benefit to your decision making process.  So lets jump in and get started…


Why Consider Numis Network In The First Place?

As I am sure you know, there are literary thousands of options when it comes to choosing a home based business.  For the huge majority of people, The #1 Reason they join a network marketing company… is because they want to MAKE MONEY.  They want to generate another stream of income to help them survive and prosper in this most challenged economy.

Sure, there’s always a small percentage of people who join a business because they love the product, or they have a close friend in the business, or they are just blindly following the crowd.

I believe choosing the RIGHT home based business is a very important decision.  In fact, your economic future can depend on it! You should choose a best business for you… based on all of the facts… not based simply on emotions and hype!  So lets examine the facts….


Numis Network — The Company and the Management

I personally believe that Numis Network is an excellent company with excellent management.  The company was started around mid 2009 in Tampa, FL.   Ian Cordell is a Founder & President, Christopher Kent is a Founder & EVP, Jake Kevorkian is a Founder & EVP and Mike Mezack is the Celebrity and Expert Numismatist. All of these gentlemen are excellent business men and marketers and together they make an excellent leadership team.  So in regards to the company and the management, they are solid.

When Numis Network launched, they had a lot of money behind them and created a strong marketing presence right off the bat.  They attracted many top marketing leaders around the country and experienced rapid growth right from the start, by bringing these marketers’ existing teams on board.  After all, this was the first company of its kind…offering numismatic coins, and many people were intrigued with the concept and jumped on board without hesitation.  The company still continues to do well, but the Numis Fever has subsided quite a bit from its initial launch.


The Numis Network Products

As you know, in order for a company to be successful long term, they must offer solid products, at competitive prices and provide a realistic opportunity for their members to become successful and make money with the opportunity.

The main/core product offered by Numis Network is a Silver Coin of the Month that members can opt to receive on a monthly basis.  The coins are modern issue numismatic graded coins.   In my opinion, these are great products to offer, but I feel the product offering is too limited to appeal to the masses of investors.

I know for a fact that there are large numbers of investors investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into silver and gold bullion…. in an effort to escape the continued decline in value of their US Dollars.  It’s really difficult…and not that wise, to invest that kind of money exclusively into modern issue graded coins and certified silver bullion.  Knowledgeable investors simply would not make that kind of investment.  At some point…you simply need to put a percentage of your assets into silver and gold bullion, and you just can’t do that with Numis.

How Competitively Priced Are Numis Network’s Graded Coins?

Currently most of the Numis Network graded one ounce silver coins are selling for $109.95 each. Yes, there are many companies out there who offer them for much more…as much as $185 or more for similar coins…there are also many companies out there who offer them for a good bit less than Numis.  At the time of this writing, probably an average market price for these coins is in the $90 range.

It’s my opinion that Numis Network marks their coins up well above the market average prices…in order to be able to pay out the commissions to it’s members…or rather it’s top members….more on this later.  Everyone knows businesses have to mark up their products in order to make a profit and stay in business, but there is always a fine line…a balance… between offering solid Value… and charging too much.  If you were buying a bottle of juice, that’s one thing. If you are making an INVESTMENT… then purchase prices MATTER and Profit Margins MATTER. No one wants to pay too much for an investment and feel they were ripped off…knowing they could buy the exact same product elsewhere…and pay a lot less for it.


The Numis Network Compensation Plan

Wow, I have yet to talk with a single member of Numis who totally understood it’s compensation program… and I certainly don’t claim to totally understand it myself.  Talk about confusing and complicated… this one takes the cake!  It’s seems to me that you would have to be a bit of a rocket-scientist to really understand this plan.

Yes, there are tons of different earnings levels… and yes there are tons of different ways to make money.  In a nut shell, it’s my strong opinion… and the opinion of many of Numis’s members…and former members… that overall, their compensation plan is built to reward it’s tip-top performing members… at the expense of the smaller members.  In fact, a friend of mine who was in Numis used the phrase, “Basically your up line in Numis gets paid for what you do as an average member.”

If you are a big marketer and have a large following of people… and you can bring a lot of those people on board, then yes, you stand to make a lot of money with Numis.  On the other hand, if you are an average person, trying to generate an additional income marketing a home business opportunity, then it’s my opinion that Numis does not pay it’s smaller members near enough to provide the income they deserve.


The Market Place and the Locked In Economic Trends

When considering a business opportunity, it’s really important to consider Market Trends and the Broad Market Appeal of the product and/or service.  I totally believe that we are in a “Perfect” time to be in a precious metals business.

All you have to do is check out some of the information on the blog tab, Why Silver & Gold, and you will get a Crystal Clear picture as to what’s going on in our country and throughout the world, and why our paper currency is doomed to fail…and why gold and silver are locked in to experience dramatic appreciation over the coming years.  That’s certainly a Market Trend that I want to be on the right side of… and I want to be in a business that is lined up to profit immensely from this major, unstoppable trend!

However, what concerns me about Numis Network, is the lack of mass market appeal of their product…. and the pricing structure of their product.

All you have to do these days is watch TV and it’s shocking just how many “Buy Gold & Silver” ads you see.  You hear them on the radio, you see them in print media…and see them all over the internet.  The market for gold and silver buyers is HUGE.  I can tell you this… if all of those companies advertising, “buy gold and silver from me” weren’t making big money… they could not continue to advertise the way they do!

Clearly “some” of those same buyers also buy some modern issue numismatic coins….however, the huge majority of them buy BULLION (non-numismatic gold and silver coins and bars, etc.).  The global bullion market is gigantic!   And that’s where I see Numis missing the boat.

Anyone these days, who is paying attention to what is happening to the US Dollar, and seeing just how much it is going DOWN in value…and also following how much silver and gold are going UP in value…is converting at least some of their assets into gold and silver bullion…mostly silver…as it is a much better value.

The funny thing is, a while back I was talking with one of the big earners with Numis… and he was in tune with what was going on with the dollar.  He wanted to convert some of his cash into bullion… but he could not do it with his own company.  It’s good to own a quantity of modern issue graded coins… but you can only get so many of them.  At some point, it just makes since to own some regular silver and gold bullion coins and bars… because you get so much more metals for your dollars invested.


So, Did Doyle Join Numis Network?

Shortly after Numis launched, my phone started blowing up with friends and associates calling me trying to get me to jump on board with them in Numis.  Some of them didn’t even really understand it…they just said…this is the hot thing and you need to jump on board now!

Well… in the past there is a great chance that I would have done just that…blindly jumped on board with everyone else.  Followed the heard.  However, the longer I’ve been around internet marketing and network marketing, I have learned that it really pays to “look before you leap”.

I studied and researched Numis every way I knew how to.  I wanted to find a reason to join.  I talked with my buddies who were in it and tried to get comfortable with it and get excited about it… and I just couldn’t get there.

Here’s what kept coming back to me.  I have always been a big VALUE type of guy.  I love to find great values in everything I buy.  And… when I offer something to my friends, my relatives and to my associates on the internet… I want to offer them VALUE as well.  I have never been the type of guy who says, “Buy these overprices products from me, so I can make a lot of money.” I just can’t do that.  It’s not in me.  I have to be true to myself and true to my reputation that I have spent my lifetime creating.

With Numis’s products, you can buy the exact same coins elsewhere…all day long…for much less prices. I determined that this was NOT a business that I would turn around and offer to my brother nor to my best friend. I would not want to encourage them to pay such above market prices for an investment.  Investments are just too important these days.

I cannot verify or document this, (so please take it for what it’s worth), but from what I have heard, a lot of people who jumped on the Numis program in the beginning… have now jumped off.  Of all of the people whom I knew that joined Numis in the beginning… I do not know a single person who is still in Numis and working the business.  What several of them have told me is; “The value of the product is just not there… and only the big guys are making any money.” I am sure there are still people who are doing very well in Numis… I just don’t personally know of any.

So…I decided to PASS on Numis…and keep looking.


Here’s What I Found

I have been investing in gold and silver, off and on for over 25 years.  I determined that it was time to get back into Silver… in a big way… due to the market conditions that are forming for silver to be the single biggest opportunity in our lifetime!  However, I knew I didn’t want to get Ripped Off any more by purchasing from those EXPENSIVE gold and silver brokers that are everywhere you turn.  I knew there had to be a better way… and a way to get more VALUE for my money when I purchased my Silver.

I put it out there to the universe… and sure enough I was lead to the most amazing opportunity I have ever seen.  I found the ONLY COMPANY IN THE WORLD were the average person can buy all of the gold and silver bullion they want…at True WHOLESALE Prices! Really!

I finally found a way to buy my silver (and some gold) at true wholesale, dealer direct prices… without having to get my gold and silver broker’s license!  It blew me away.


Guess What Else This Company Offered?

This new company also offered the EXACT SAME modern issue graded coins that Numis offered… and they sell them at 10% to 13.6% LESS than Numis does! Do you know how BIG that is?  Many investors don’t even make a 13% return on their investments in a single year!   I had just found a way to make, or I guess SAVE that much… right off the bat.  That’s a HUGE Savings! If you don’t think so, just ask your financial advisor how important a 13% return is per year.

Plus, the new company I discovered also had a business opportunity with it.  I found that the business opportunity was much simpler than Numis, much, much more lucrative than Numis, and offered a ton more products than Numis, appealed to a ton more people than Numis, and offered a ton more VALUE than Numis.  For me it was a complete No-Brainer!

You can find out all of the details about the amazing program that I discovered on the tab above tiled: The Numis Network Alternative


My Conclusion About Numis Network

I truly do think Numis is a decent company.  I know many of their members, or rather former members, personally and they are good people.  I know the products they offer are good… over priced… but good.  Do I think it’s the best company to join?  In my opinion, NOPE… Not At All.

Here Are My Conclusions About Numis Network:


1.) I believe that Numis simply has too much hype, slick-marketing and smoke & mirrors.  I really don’t care if the company did a bazillion dollars nor who their “Celebrity Members” are.  All I care about is; does my average team member stand a good chance of making money for his/her family with this program… does the product offer a solid and sustainable value… and what are the odds of this company lasting.

In my opinion, VALUE wins out every time. You can dance around with hype and enthusiasm for only so long, and then, at some point, if the VALUE is not there… people will start to figure it out and move on.

2.) It really bothers me that no “Experienced” precious metals investor will even look seriously at Numis.  Numis does not offer bullion (lower priced, non-graded gold & silver coins and bars, etc.).  Serious gold & silver investors want to purchase the highest number of ounces of silver and gold for their money, and you simply cannot get that with Numis’s over priced graded products.

3) No “Experienced” numismatics collector will even look at Numis seriously either.  Numis’s prices are at the high-end of the retail prices on the market, and knowledgeable numismatic investors don’t pay high-end retail prices.  Basically most Numis products are associated with coin shopping on TV and are often over-graded coins marketed to the masses.

4) Numis basically targets non-investors and non-collectors whom they hope to get hyped up about the opportunity, but really don’t understand metals investing nor collecting.  Sooner or later, most people wise up and figure it out.  You simply can’t escape the Value Issue forever.

In my opinion, the new company I found offers a “Breath Of Fresh Air” compared to so many of the companies out there with tons of hype and grossly over-priced products.

If you are serious about; (1) Finding the Perfect Home Based Business for Yourself and/or, (2) Serious About Saving Tons Of Money On Your Silver & Gold Purchases… then you truly owe it to yourself to seriously check out this new business that I have discovered.  I assure you, you won’t find a better one on the planet!

To find out more, GO HERE NOW.


Whatever you do… don’t continue blindly ignoring the facts.  Our world has changed, our country has changed and our economic conditions have dramatically changed.  The people “In The Know” and the ones who position themselves correctly, stand to reap huge rewards in the coming years.  Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


Thanks for taking your time to read this review.  I truly hope you found it educational and helpful in your decision making process.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of this, please give me a call.

Wishing you the very best life has to offer.

God Bless








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